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Meet Our Trainers

The Gym Fitness Center is proud to offer cutting edge personal training at our state-of-the-art facility. Be Stronger than Your Excuses and contact us to customize a program that suits your individual goals. Take the first step towards getting fit... Get to The Gym Today!

Vinnie Candela

Vinnie has been a certified personal trainer for over 15 years. He is certified through I.S.S.A. (International Sports Sciences Association) and ExpertRating. He specializes in strength training, speed and agility training, nutrition at all levels including sports nutrition, and contest prep for bodybuilding, figure, bikini and physique competitors. For Pricing & Availability call (810) 845-5537

Vince Strange

Vince is a Bryan University Graduate (Advanced Health & Fitness Training) and a Certified Personal Trainer. He also specializes in Nutritional Guidance & Rehabilitation. He is a Prep Coach and is an active veteran with the United States Army Reserves. He is a Military Remedial Fitness NCO, and IFBB Men’s Pro. He leads individuals, or small group (4) trainings. For pricing and availability please call 810 691-0901

Quin Shumpert

Quin is an ASFA (American Sports Fitness Association) certified Personal Trainer. With 8-years experience and 8-years serving in the US Army, Quin has the expertise and skill to help you become the best version of yourself. He specializes in strength training, weight loss and endurance training, providing quality workouts at any fitness level.
For pricing & availability call (810) 955-2267

Christian Reasoner

Christian’s fitness Journey has taken him from drastically obese to underweight to becoming an NPC Classic Physique Competitor. His journey into fitness has been one of self-drive and determination, He learned to push past his limitations to chase his goals and set them high. He’s encountered great people who have taken chances on him in order to give him a shot at success and he hopes to do that for others, he has an incredible passion for his job. When you’re creating positive change in people’s lives every day it’s no job it’s a privilege. He is NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified. It provides him with the best training possible to provide great results whether that be focus on muscle gain, fat loss, strength gain or whatever your goals may be. If you’re looking for accurate and strong results please reach out to Christian. For Pricing & Availability Call (810) 965-7908

Tony Bryan

Tony has been around the world of athletics his whole life. He was a three sport athlete in high school and was lucky enough to attend Erie Community College to play football where he had a special experience where he was able to play and later joined the staff for one season. He specializes in speed and agility with Vertimax, as well as with Quarterback Development. In his QB Development training, he will break down mechanics and train your athlete with new and old training technics.
For pricing and availability at 810 813-2341

William Cooper

William G. Cooper went to Flint Northern HS. He was a 4 star all american, all state, all valley, all city CB. He earned a full ride scholarship to play at several universities and decided to play at Michigan State university. He started as a true freshman and continued through his senior year. He started his brand called Dig Deep Athletics in 2013. He specializes in training athletes on their overall performance such as speed, strength, agility, explosion, etc. Training sessions are available at 5pm and 6pm only. For Pricing & Availability Call (810) 449-9018.

Alex Valentino

Alex is certified through International Sports Science Association. He offers one-on-one or small group training and is only available in the evenings.
For Pricing & Availability call (810) 569-2449